Databases let us store information in an organized structure. Typically in the form of tables with rows and columns. Below is an example table with 3 rows and 5 columns that contains user information.

Last week, I received a request to transcribe 21,000 passports and national identity documents. My lack of patience and passion to read identity cards for any number of hours drove me to write a script to solve this tedious task.

The fun began immediately — when I browsed the dataset,

What is a ‘Snapshot’?

According to Urban Dictionary, a snapshot is what people that aren’t up to date call screenshots.

Duh… totally clear. To a Django developer, a snapshot looks like,

Let’s read the above python code…

Any application or script needs logging to share information with the user. The simplest logging method is the print function to write temporary logs. A permanent log file is a more general and valuable solution.

Source: xkcd

A log file is a text document.

An application can be seen as a room

Deep Learning is used to solve a wide range of problems by providing samples of input data along with the expected output from the neural networks. The learning is driven by concrete mathematical rules used systematically to adjust weights of the network — think of these as a collection of…

Plot Detection is the problem of identifying the boundaries of farms in images. This is a complex problem which needs to address issues ranging from geometrical restrictions, regional contrast and illumination variances.

Problem scope in the high-level overview.

We (very naively) applied the Nimbus pipeline to detecting boundaries of farms in satellite images. This article describes…

Nimbus is built to remove clouds and the shadows cast by these clouds in Sentinel-2 satellite images gathered from the Copernicus portal. We consider clouds as noise that needs to be removed in order to monitor agricultural land.

Problem scope in the high-level overview.

The Problem

Find and remove clouds and their shadows on satellite images. Formulated as…

4,857 is the number of satellites orbiting the earth. 1,980 of which are active serving communications, observation, navigation, and science. These satellites in consolidation provide access to the earth surface like never before. Providing access to data which can reshape industries at equivalent scales. …

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